Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What About YouTube?

Hello Readers! I know I have promised time an again, so like twice, To start filming and putting up adoption/Asian based videos. My laptop had horrible mic, then it broke, my iPad has horrible image, my Nikon has amazing image and ok mic, but I have nothing to edit it on. This took me to buying a bunch of apps for "video editing" and they are absolutely horrible!

These are all lame excuses, and I'm really sorry for all the delays, but I am working really hard to fix all of this! For one I am finally getting my laptop fixed! I'm also writing scripts for a few videos and outlines for things that I know I want to talk about right off the bat. Plus I'm doing test shots of what I want to film so soo how it looks/sounds/comes across in general on screen!

I really want to do these videos for you guys. I really think YouTube is the way to go as far as getting out the word that our thoughts and feelings of being adopted and being Asian are all sound. I love going this very personal blogs, But it's hard to reach everyone on a regular web page.

I aspire to help better connect the Asian-American and international adoptee communities! I'm really excited about all the things to come, and am learning as much about editing as I can.

I'm incredibly excited for what's going to happen this year; I'm also terrified! I have a feeling it's going to be extra horrible and bad. I have hope that it's not, but so far all hope has taught me is that it's foolish to have it.

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