Monday, 27 August 2012

Foster Mother, My Second Mother.

Hello Readers. Children's Home just emailed again. She asked how I was doing. My first thought was is there a professional way of saying "I feel like absolute horrible shit"? The answer would be no, so I told her I was alright. I told her I was in shock so I didn't feel the gravity of it all yet. That seems like fair answer right?

She also informed me she has sent in a request to Korea asking for an update on the search for my foster mother. Now I never thought about searching for my foster mother until Kabin asked me about it and told me about her experience meeting foster mothers in Korea. She said they can have cared for 30 babies over their time as a foster mother and remember each one. Kabin pointed out to me that your foster mother took care of you during your first months of life.

I consider my foster mother to be my second mother. She took me in when my whole world fell apart and my birth mother was gone. I also have a foster father and brother; The Lee family. Lee may be one of the top five last names in Korea, but my last name is their's. She named my Kang Sun Lee; Their family name.

My search continues to find my second mother through Children's Home and Eastern Child Welfare Society. If my birth mother is my sun at dawn and moon at night, then my second mother is the clouds and stars. I would like to have her in my life. In some cases the foster mother and birth mother know each other, or met at one time. Maybe there is insight she'd be willing to share with me when she sees how home sick I am.

As far as the search for my birth mother goes it is far from over. I am taking this to KBS. I am taking this search to the Korean media. I will get answers and I will find the home I have been missing my whole life. I love her so much, and nothing can stop me from trying not even doing this alone.

What do I mean by alone? Well that answer calls for another blog.

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