Monday, 2 July 2012

No Wars, But Star Wars!

Hello Readers. I don't normaly post sillyish things on here. Most of my blogs are long, and if short are really important. This is just silly and weird, Hence the title. I'm going to my first nerd convention this weekend! Its called CONvergence in Bloomington from the 5th to the 8th. It's a "convergence" of anime/manga, science fiction, and comics. As much of a geeky Star Wars fan I am, I'm dressing as Chii for Chobits! I made 2 costumes for her, and my Nurse Claire costume from my goth days.

I'm really excited and nervous about spending a weekend with Caucasian-Americas out Asianing me. I'm nervous to be so submerged in pieces of my culture that I'm rather unfamiliar with.. I'm a little freaked out. I also thought it was going to be small, but I guess it's huge! 6,000 attenties huge! It feels a little like drowning. I wonder how many other adopted Asians will be in attendance. I feel so out of place.

With the extra load of nerd stuff on my mind, ive been watching Star Wars over and over again. It reqlly got me thinking baout what my adoption is turning out to feel like. I've always seen adoption as a simple transaction that was extrmely emotionally complicated. But now..

It's like my birthfather could be the bad guy, a rapist.. One could compare him to Darth Vador! dun Dun DUN! Me finding out at my age, makes me Han Solo. My birthmother could possibly be dead, maybe it was what he did to her that ate her away like Padme.. Any Korean guy I kiss could be my brother.

The weird thing is I'm also like Anakin! I'm My adoptive family are like the Jedi, their honor is questioned and they are against anything Korean that I want to embrace like.. the Sith. I'm slowly getting away from the Jedi, so I can experiment with the dark side of the force. You know, Korean stuff lol. But don't worry, I would only rule in darkness if it brought balance to the universe! Damn I'm nerdy. I am totally geeking out over this!

All in all, I have a lot of mixed feeling about this. Have you gone to any conventions? Any advice in general or adoptee related? Expect major updates from the convention, But I might not be able to post until I get home. I promise I will be writing while I'm there. Keeping the writing live, but the feed might be down for the weekend. I'm also hoping to post a blog or two before I leave, goal of the next few days! Thanks guys!

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