Thursday, 19 July 2012

Big Changes!

Hello Readers! As I've been saying this week there are going to be a lot of BIG CHANGES for KangSunLee1991! The first big change of course is adding a lot more of my personal life and how it's indirectly effected by adoption. I hope you all are psyched to read the next two big announcements!

The next big change is my YouTube channel! That's right I'm going visual and hopefully a little viral! I have no videos up yet, but please go check out my channel anyways. I only subscribe to my fellow Asians and international adoptee channels, so NO SPAM! Except for the occasional food channel, but who doesn't love good food?

Please subscribe to KangSunLee1991 on YouTube! Videos will be filmed and loaded soon. I really have a ton going on this weekend. Cleaning, art, dates, a family reunion, and my aunt and uncle are in town, Tons! I promise they will be up with in a week, A 5 day work week mind you ;D

My third and final announcecement isn't a change I had much control over. For months when I've tried to give out my blog, but no one could find it. All sorts of Googled combinations and they'd get nothing. But now if you Google "KangSunLee1991" all the links will lead you to here, Twitter, YouTube, and gmail! How rad it that! Please go Google it right now! A big thanks to Tim one of my avid readers for gmailing me this fantastic bit of info and letting me know such awesome news! You rock Tim!

All together these changes will help you better connect to me, and me to you. I'm really trying hard push myself to add to and build a stronger Asian-American community and international adoptee community on the web. This isn't just therapeutic for me, this is for all of us. This is all so we know we are not alone in being Asian, Korean, adopted, transracial, and bicultural. This is sharing our fear, love, and building a home for when we feel homeless.

Thank you so much for all the tremendous support in my birth search and in my life. You are supporting my dreams, and you are sharing your hopes with me too. It really does mean the world to me, and with these big changes and expansion I hope we can get closer as a communtiy. Let's go get building :]

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