Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Searching For Foster Family.

Hello Readers. In my last post I filled you in on my meeting with Kabin, Now I would like to tell you more. She told me some adoptees only search for their foster mother and not their birth parents. Growing up I only knew what American foster care was like, Always bouncing around from home to home, And overall not a good experience. As I got older in high school I had a better understanding of Korean foster care, One family raises you until you are adopted and are sent to live with your adoptive family. But when I talked to Kabin I realized that it’s so much more than a middle man. My foster mother and father, And even brother were my second family. They raised me for the first months of my life. They stepped in for me when my birth mother couldn't. They were there for me when I lost my birth mother, And for that I thank them, For that I love them.

These feelings started welling up when talking to Kabin, And suddenly I was starting the search for my foster mother. Suddenly I was writing her a letter, And it was all just so fast and surreal. I can’t believe I have more chances for a family than I had ever realized before, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I thought the social worker who protected me as a baby, And still kept my original information was my gift this year, And now I find myself with two gifts. This is sooo truly amazing.

I just finished writing my letter to my foster mother and family and will be posting it right after this. I'm also dropping ti off along with pictures for Kabin to send out today!! I read it through one last time, And I started crying again. This woman is my second mother; She loved me and raised me the first months of my life. Foster mothers in Korea remember all of their babies even when they’ve fostered 30 or 50! They remember little things about each baby like their personality. She has real and full memories of me!! Other than my birth mother, There is no one else that can tell me about my life in Korea!! No one else can tell me about my home, But them!!

I even have a foster father and brother. My second mother is about 52-53, I do not know the age of my second father, And my second brother is about 30-31. Can you believe this? I have a second mother, father, and brother!!

Few things could make me happier right now.

어머니!? 엄마, 내 수양 엄마를 아시나요? 그녀는 친구 였나요? 내가 처음 그녀를 만난다면 난 당신이 사진이 내게 너무나 수단으로 그녀가 당신에 대해 작은 것을 말합니다 서로 안다면 바랍니다. 나는 또한 그녀에 대해 배우고 싶다면, 그녀의 가족, 제 가족. 널 사랑하는 어머니, 그리고 저는 바로 지금 세상의 모든 희망을 가지고.

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