Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Letter To Foster Mother (My Second Mother)

Dear Mother:

Hello, I am your foster daughter. You gave me my birth name Kang Sun Lee, And now my adoptive and American name is Morgan Claire Pearson. I am searching for you and writing to you so you know that I am alive and doing well. When I was younger I didn’t know much about the foster care I received as a baby. Now that I am older I understand. You raised me the first months of my life, And you are my second mother.
I want you to thank you for being my mother after I lost my birth mother. I want you to know that I love you like a mother and I also care deeply for my foster father and foster brother. After leaving you all I grew up in a good finically stable home. I went to good schools and am attending college. Even though I have no memories of Korea, I miss it because it is my home.

I am currently 20, And turning 21 on February 24th. I have dark brown eyes, And dark brown hair. I have worn glasses since I was 9 years old. My hair is soo long it reaches half way down my back. I am 154cm in height and I weigh 91kg. As you can see in the pictures I have a few dark freckles on my cheek and nose, And my eyebrows are very spaced out. The freckles developed as I got older, But I do still have one Mongolian spot that didn’t disappear. I normally wear pants and an oversized long tank top and a nice sweater over it. I love to wear headbands and long necklaces. What’s interesting about my clothes is that I love to shop at Forever21, And I recently found out that it’s a Korean based store.

I have many different interests in life. I love to go to parks to run and to picnic. I especially love parks around lakes and with water fountains because I love the sound of water so much. I’ve tried making many Korean dishes like bulgogi, duk bok ki, mandu, sujebi, hoddeok, lots of egg side dishes, And kimchi. My bulgogi and kimchi are surprisingly very good, While my duk bok ki and sujebi turn out very badly. I always manage to overcook both! My best Korean dish is my mandu, It is very juicy and crispy! One of my greatest passions is art. No one in my adoptive family is very artistic. I always thought my gift in art was from my birth parents or perhaps influence from you. The other big passion in my life is working with kids specifically Korean adoptees. I volunteer at Korean Culture Camp each summer; It’s always a highlight of each year. I am a good friend, role model, and older sister to many of the campers.

I had a very good education growing up and am still attending to my education now. I went to elementary school, high school and am currently going to college. My first year of college I went to a private visual art school as a Fine Art major. I realized that my love of working with Korean adoptees surpassed my love of art. After one year of art school I transferred to a regular college. I am currently majoring in Sociology with a specialty in Asian-American Social Culture. I am currently writing a book on my personal views and experiences of international adoption. After college I am moving to Korea and teaching English for two years. I want to learn about and live in the culture; I want to be a part of the traditions I never got to experience. I currently only know a handful of Korean words, But I am trying so hard to learn so if we meet one day I can speak with you.

I am a very outgoing and strong girl; I have always been an extrovert. I love to try new things and go to new places. Since I was adopted, I have never gone back to Korea. I have yet to come home to Korea. I am very excited to locate you and meet you. You are my second mother, father, and brother. I want to know about your lives, And hear about my baby time with you.

In parting with this letter I send you my heart, In hopes you will know how dear to me you are. I love you all very much. I have no memories of you, But I hope you can share your memories of me, And we can make new memories together. I hope that you will write back, And I wish on every star that we will meet in the future..

One of your many children,

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