Saturday, 1 September 2012

Life, Dating, & Exhaustion.

Hello Readers. Last night I was up really late again, and by "up really late" I mean I'm still up at 9:18. Made a baked egg over arugula and brown rice around 5am, went for a long run, and showered. This has been my life lately. No sleep at all, but I'm getting a lot of work done, a lot of hiking in, and doing a swell job of not kicking ass at soccer. What can I say to my teammates? I used to kick ass as a kid? Sorry I'm not as good now days? Honestly I've just been in a fog.

I've been going out when friends call and say they're taking me out to make me feel better. I've been going on dates and just meeting a lot of new people. I've been spending a lot of time hiking/climbing with my beefed up jock psychology friends. I've been finishing most of my small commission works early. I've been working on my personal art. I've been spending as much time on the field as I can getting my cleats in the groove. I'm completely exhausted. What little time I actually have is when I should be sleeping, But instead I use it to ball my eyes out over this search.

The dating scene is really weird by the way. I keep meeting guys who are vegetarians and vegans. I'm a meat eater, so it's a bit of an awkward dance. But now I make crazy fantastic meatless and vegan dishes. It's weird being one the few hipsters who eat meat and doesn't snob out when something isn't gluten free. I also don't drink a lot of beer. One of the guys I'm seeing asked if I would make and english beer list for his themed party. When I starting laughing and asked why he said I was the most hipster out of his friends. I googled that shit, Ha! Of course I owned up to googling and knowing nothing about beer, and only drinking light fruity micro brews, Ha!

My friends always tell me I'm such a fantastic cook, such a good writer, so creative, so fun, the best kind of weird, incredibly smart, so cute, and so sexually talented. My closest friends especially say all the time I'm going to be the perfect wife for a luck guy one day. It makes me feel like friggin Ted Mosby. Expect Ted is dying to settle down, while I don't want that. I'm actually Robbin, but then my friends treat me like Ted? Robbin just wants to be able to fall for that one wonderful guy, and have her dad be proud of her. It's the six little words she craves, "I am proud of you, Ey." Despite being an artist in baggage claim, Being adorable and smart makes me easy to fall for. But as far as dating goes, Right now I'd rather be Ted Mosby "The Architect" ;D

Dating is also weird because I'm an artist and there for weird. Almost every person I meet is fairly recently out of a major relationship. Everyone who is an artist or writer is like "In my last relationship I was almost engaged", And I'm like me too! So what come first: Baggage needing a creative outlet, or creative expression birthing the baggage?

When I'm done editing this and have edited/posted the blog before this, I'll finally head to bed. Only to get up at 3, shower, and head out to the state fair all night. If you're going to be around there say hi, I'll sign the device you read this from! Just kidding, But it's totally a dream for a stranger come up and say they've read these words. Although I have met some people, who were later we're admitted they knew me through my blog before they met me. By some people I mean like 2, but it was still pretty cool lol.

Goodnight world, See you pricks in a bit! Calling people pricks by the way is my new favorite thing. It's right along up there with calling people prudes. Go try them both! You'll be delighted, Ha!

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