Saturday, 21 September 2013

Leaving Home, Funeral March.

Hello Readers. I know I haven't touched many details on my trip home. I'm still not ready to talk about it; I'm not sure if and when that will be possible. I actually have this weird buffer story when my friends ask about it. I think I'd cry on the spot if I told someone what happened. Truthfully not even Double D knows exactly what happened, and how things are with him right now.. So no one knows the truth of what happened in Korea, and I have no one to confess to. 

What I'm ready to share with you all now is something I wrote during my last movements home, when I was at the airport alone..

I'm sitting at my gate 3 hours early.. Every line I've stood in has been a funeral march, like I'm letting the Korean girl I finally met die again. I've kept a stiff upper lip, but it would be so truly therapeutic to start bawling and breaking down right now. It's taken me 22 years to get here, and after a short 6 weeks I have to leave my home, Again. The cruel part is having to force myself onto the plane. It's like giving yourself up for adoption again, but you're an adult and you can stop it. Damn it I wish I could just fucking stop this.

I stayed up last night and didn't sleep at the airport either. I was actually a little delusional when I got on the plane. I ended up falling asleep while taxiing and taking off. Who would have thought I'd have slept through leaving home. I'm glad a I did though.. It's better than crying on the plane like last time.. 


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