Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Waiting To Know & Double D.

Hello Readers. Yesterday an adoptee from Australia posted on Facebook that she got into ECWS language and culture program. She told me she found out via her adoption agency. Which is amazing news for me because I'm in the states meaning my agency has been closed all weekend for Memorial Day. My social worker is back in the office today, so I'm hoping to know today.

The funny thing is I'm not stressed about it. I'm ready to know.

Sunday night we all went out to celebrate my boyfriend-ish going to Japan. Let's call him Double D. We pregamed at our best friend's place, and ended up at norebong (Korean karaoke). As usual Double D stayed the night.

We spent the day together picking up last minute things for him and just being a real couple. It was perfect. He leaves Wednesday morning at 6, but he's spending today packing and with his parents. I am so excited for him!

Saying goodbye was really hard. Not knowing if we'd meet again in 2 months or 3 months felt empty crappy. Not that I don't have abandonment issues involving Asia or anthying.. This whole time he's been the only one who will joke with me about not getting into the program. It's like blowing it during a game, and telling myself I suck so I perform better.

But this time he told me, "I'm sure you'll get in." He said 2 months was going to go by so quickly because I'll be planning for Korea, and then I'll just be living in Korea. That I won't have time to miss him. What I'm actually worried about is bit getting in, and loathing myself all summer.

Well Readers I've made Really Big Plans! They are all riding on me getting into ECWS language and culture program. I'm really hoping I'll know today, and I do hope I get in. *fingers crossed*

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