Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Chance To Go Home.

Hello Readers. Well kids today is May 1st meaning yesterday was the deadline for ECWS's Language and Culture Program. They sent out emails confirming all the applications they've received. They confirmed they've received mine, but have confirmed with they started processing it or not. Hopefully I'll know if I got in within the next 2-3 weeks.

I am so excited! I've been planning all sorts of packing details, and making lists of everything I'll have to buy for the trip. I'm totally a planner, and a procrastinator. I need to plan now so if I get in I'll be organized and able to get everything in over the course of a month and a week. I'm so prepped I wanna yell, "bring it on monsoon season!" But the nerve racking part is if I don't get in, which is a real possibility, all of this planning will have been for nothing.

I have many readers who have wrote me saying they're also applying. I hope we all get in, and if not this year then next year. I've read a lot of essays, and given the best advice I can. You're all absolutely wonderful, and I'm so great full to have such fantastic readers. You're all more rich in our culture than you realize, I hope one day you see that.

My friends keep telling my I'll get in for sure, my professors think it's a sure thing, and my adoptive mom doesn't even want to think about it. There's been many "family-like" talks about if I don't com back. So if I get in, I'll actually be reorganizing my room incase I do stay and my adoptive parents have to pack up everything.

As positive I am about all of this I'm terrified of not getting in this year. I have After the disappointment of last year, and how hard it's been searching I feel like I've earned this. But if I don't get in as sad as I'll be, I know it means another adoptee needed it more than I did. ECWS reads hundreds of these essays every year and I trust their judgement.

I'm excited for this opportunity, and I'm glad I have a chance at going home. Good luck to all of you! My heart is pulling for all of you to get in and find your way home with me.

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