Monday, 12 September 2011

Got The Form Noterized, Just The Letter to go!

Hello hello! I am excited, invigorated, and feeling pretty spunky! Although right after this I am going to take a crash nap, Lolz. Boring news and excuses first, I was going to fool around with making my first vlog for my new Youtube account (KangSunLee1991), But i never went to sleep last night so I’m really tired! Now for what is kicking me up with spunk! I got my form from Kabin notarized!! I took some pictures of certain parts of the forms to commemorate the day, But I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be posting such documents. Regardless I’ll edit them up a bit and post them somewhere; Who knows maybe I’ll get fancy and they’ll show up in my first vlog! All in all today was a great day, Much better than I could have imagined when I was getting ready for the bank this morning. I was nervous about getting the forms done, And strangely not nervous about getting started on my letter to my birthmother and family.

After the lovely woman with the hardcore German name that I cannot read off my sheet stamped my document this amazing weight lifted off my shoulders I felt so excited. As I walked out the door I felt very happy and incredibly optimistic about the search. It’s not that I try to be negative to not get my hopes up into fantasy, But i do keep myself in a strong check to make sure I stay with in reality. I am now realizing with all the hope I do have in finding her regardless of what that ends up meaning I can be optimistic about it without it going to far. I have wanted to start this search my whole life and as soon as I am done with my letter I can hop over to the Children’s Home Society and have them send everything to the Korean agency. Something pretty big I didn’t share with any of you before is I have a lot of information about my birthmother. I didn’t even know her name was my file let alone two paragraphs about her family and parts of her life at the time until I was 19. I definitely have a lot more to share with you, But I am straining to stay awake to post this, Lolz. I really do need some sleep, And then I will finish picking out pictures I want to send along with my letter, And then I will be writing that letter. 감사합니다.

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