Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Good News! (And letter advice)

Hello! So the good news I wanted to share with you was the status of my birthsearch! I handed in all the paper work, And my letter to my birthmother. My social worker Kabin told me it would take around 3 weeks for translating everything and sending it to the Korean agency. Once it’s there they can officially start and conduct the search!! I am so happy and excited that everything is beginning. This has been one of my biggest dreams since I was a child and now it’s really happening. I am so overwhelmed with happiness and filled by a spirit and strength I never knew I had! I truly feel like they will find her.. I don’t know if she’ll be alive or what kind of life she’s living, But I can feel in my heart I will find her.

My biggest hope is that I am not too late to meet her.

I know a lot of adoptees who are scared, freaked out, and intimated by writing a letter to their birth family, People who they ultimately don't know. I was too. I have been writing my mother all sorts of letters since I can remember, But even I was afraid. I froze up and i didn't know what to say. If my mother was dead, Then who would get the note? Who and how should i address it? I couldn't even open up Word. I put it off for 3 days, Then one night i clicked open Word and it all just fell out of me. Kabin gave me a list of things to talk about in my letter, That helped me a lot. It helped me know what should be in the letter, And i just let myself shine through. I didn't ask any questions, I just let my birthfamily as a whole specifically my mother know my thoughts. For me those thoughts were how much I loved and cared about them, That I hoped to meet them one day, And that it's what I've wanted my whole life. I also expressed that I didn't blame her for giving me. All i can say is fallow the sheet your social worker gives you, And make sure you share your thoughts and feelings. I will be posting my letter, Keep in mind that all letters a different because we all have different emotions towards our birth families, and our adoptions.

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