Monday, 29 May 2017


Hello Readers. We haven't spoken in a couple years!! I hope you are are doing well and I'm sure you've grown in so many ways. We have a lot of catching up to do, so expect plenty of posts doing just that. I want to hear from you to! Please email me at, or Tweet me an update at KangSunLee1991. 

First off, my cat Pumpkin says hi. =^ㅇㅊㅇ^= I've hopped a couple jobs and learned offices are not a safe place for Asian woman. 10 out of 10 would not recommend. My chosen sister CC just bought a house last summer, renovated the lower level into an apartment, and I've been living here for just under a year.

Children's Home Society are liars and a pain in my ass. They refuse to tell me what work they did for my search, and I'll bug them in a few months when a new new new supervisor starts.

Things ended with Apple. I have decided to keep those details private. He remains one of my dearest friends and I really value him in my life.

About a year and 4 months ago a met a fella. Let's call him Ducky and gee he's a lovely human. He's actually quite sweet, liberal, passionate, and looks like a god damn Urban Outfitters model. We accept each others' pasts and support each others' goals.

Ducky and I met on OkCupid. To be honest I was feeling shitty about my looks that week and almost cancelled the date. We talked until the tea cafe closed, then we talked all night on his couch. I cook for him, he gets cake and aloe drinks for me, and we do funny bits together. When we fight or let other things make us grumpy, then we apologize and talk through it. Pumpkin and my friends think he's great and get good vibes from him.

For the first 5 months we operated without a label and kept it non-exclusive. Just before 6 months hit we discussed how we felt about each other, our relationship, and the time we spend together. We decided to be exclusive!! =^_^=  We are partners.

More catching up to come. Cheers.

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