Monday, 29 May 2017

Mental Health Check <3

Hello Readers. I hope your mental health is doing well and that you're treating yourself well too. Either way you should make an appointment with a local therapist or counselor today =^_^=. 

Therapy is good for you! While your friends and family want what's best for you, they each have their bias in what you think and do. They're your personal support group to talk to on the daily. Where as a professional gives you tools that work specifically for you to achieve your goals I n your own way. Go try it for 1 month. That's only 4 hours.

I didn't go to therapy for about 6 months (winter and summer 2016) because I had been handling everything pretty well. I felt in control of my mental health and consistently use all the tools in my toolbox. Everyone should check-in with a professional every 6 months, even if it feels like nothing big is going on in your life. I made the appointment and then started thinking about what I wanted to talk about.

I talked a bit about:

- I have mushy excitement and terrified feelings of my partner and I becoming exclusive and going long term. 
- I want to commit my life to someone(s) and accept it's not forever, but I don't know if I could even trust enough to commit in legal marriage/celebration (not a wedding!) for a few years.
- My financial views on children have solidified my choice in not having children, but then I still want to know what's wrong with my fertility. It's like my abusers took my right to say no, and also stole my right to not have children. 
- As an adult, how do I learn to "ride the dragon" now, when most woman have the privilege of learning to control it since they were teens.
- Being sexually harassed at work and getting fired for it.
- Dealing with working with unprofessional racists at work.

As you can see, I AM NO LONGER going through absolute depressing hell anymore!! No one hits me, no one rapes me, and I don't cry myself to sleep hoping I don't wake up. I don't need to plan for months on how to leave my abuser, or plan who to leave what to when I kill myself. But I still have big questions and my therapist will give me brand new tools to help me navigate answering them. Or like most of the time, I tell her what I want and think I need, she agrees, and gives me the tools to get there.

I worked on a bit with my therapist until my insurance ran out. I turned 26 on February 24th 2017. My new place of work does not cover mental health, so I've been looking into other forms of insurance and possibly arranging other ways of paying to stay with my therapist. 

 If you don't have insurance a lot of therapists and councilors do sessions around $30, which is slightly more than a co-pay. If you're in school, your school has a free counselor. If you're not in school, don't have insurance, and can't afford to pay out of pocket a lot of community centers has free counseling too.

So please Readers, help yourselves out. Google local therapists. Read their bios. Book who you feel a connection with, not just by what they specialize in. If you feel good after your session, see them 3 more times. If you feel bad and didn't connect with them, then book with with another local therapist. Take care of yourself.


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