Friday, 21 August 2015

There's A Worm In My Apple.

Hello Readers. I have updates on my comedy, what's with my birth search, and some romantic stuff. 

The comedy thing is kind of getting spoiled. I love performing, I love singing, and I don't love running into guys I've hooked up with in the audience and in the line up. I've started to sing on curbs with the best gaggle of a band. I've also sung with them at a couple weddings. It's been really fun, but I think all the music stuff is more of a distraction than my new career path.

I've decided to not start my search again. I DO NOT trust Children's Home Society. Christine Heimann is not a person I'd trust with anything. I am so sick of all of her lies and never owning up to her own actions. I don't trust her boss Brynn Smith who keeps sweeping me under the rug, every time I try calling someone else that works above her. Everyone knows CHS has zero interest in helping adult adoptees, but these two woman are evil. My mother was raped, I was raped, show us some human decency. Maybe I'll try in a few years when these two idiots are gone.

Romantics! I met a comedian that we'll call Worm. It started as a pun on his last name, but now brilliantly describes his personality. I thought he was a nice clean fella, but he's actually a wishy-washy jerk. The last date we were on I word vomited something that only a sex addict would say. He broke it off, duh. But what irks me is this dude put all the blame on me. He's an addict too, and chose to have zero understanding about one slip of the tongue. He probably realized how petty that was, and tacked on that what's actually wrong is all my joking. I felt like total shit, apologized, and fin.

But wait, there's a sequel! 2 weeks later he texts saying it's been weighing on him. That he wants to be friends. I tell him we could be weird comedy friends and he wants to be friends who only text to limit my personality. If you don't like my personality then don't date me, don't be my friend, and know that it's not my fault you don't like me. That's all you Worm.

More stuff! After a series of "dumb girl" texts, I saw Apple last night.. And I got home this morning. We were going to have a wine n movie night. But then he's popping beers too, my head is on his lap, his hand is on my shoulder, he's looking down at me, I'm looking up at him, kissing, he turns off the TV. The man is a total knock out, we have fantastic sex, and I am human. On the other hand he's an active sex addict, alcoholic, complete stoner, a general bad influence, and totally unreliable. We really need to stick to being weird art friends. Seems heathy and sustainable.


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  1. You're annoying as hell and your blog sucks! You'll never find your parents.