Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sex & Dating Can Be Positive & Fun.

Hello Readers. My last couple blogs weren't the happiest. I feel much better now. I also would like a blog that shows the positives in my sexual experiences, and that sex can be fun, healthy, and safe. A lot has been going on in my personal life. Tons of dating, and just having a lot of fun with friends and art work. It's amazing how good it feelings, but I've been single for almost 2 years.

The truth is I love being single, and no I'm not just saying that because I'm a single girl who owns a cat. Going on all sorts of fun dates, and events, and not worrying if the other person hates it or hates being dressed up. Being as free as I want and belonging to no one, It's radtastically amazing! But I also wonder if I'm gripping to staying single so tightly because it's a sure fire way of keeping my adoptee heart safe.

Now I'm living my life in a way I never had before, no one has a piece of my heart. I'm totally free wheeling baby! I'm currently seeing a handful of dapper fellows who are all swingingly fantastic. It's all very casual and non-exclusive; Nothing too intimate emotionally or sexually. No worries, They're all also seeing other people too. Which is a damn good safety net if you ask me.

I'm also having "sexual relations" with one of my bros. We call it being "Bro Hos", Which [before you freak out ladies] is a phrase I coined and find hilarious! We have fun with the gang, then later we have alone fun, and straight up bro chill after words. It's kind of an awesome set up ha! We make each other laugh like we're retarded, fill physical needs, and are still remain good friends. And yes as all people should we practice safe sex!

Now I'm not saying sex before marriage or out of any relationship is ok, but I'm also not saying only not having sex for fear of going to hell is ok either. Relationships and sex are tricky. If you're faith says not to have sex before marriage [or not to masturbate ever] and you fully believe in that as your god's or gods' truth, than don't have sex and keep to you're faith. If you believe it's ok to have sex before marriage because you don't believe in religion or don't agree with parts of your religion, and are emotionally and physically ready for sex, go for it.

To me not having sex or having sex isn't going to make you cool or uncool. Doing something you're not comfortable with or don't believe in is uncool. Doing what you believe in and are comfortable is what's cool to me. If you ask me, Sticking to your personal beliefs is the reddest decision you can make.

Maybe I'm only "just dating" and only having "just sex" because I'm protecting myself. If it really is JUST dating and ONLY sex, than how can I be hurt or disappointed in the end? It's insane to think I even keep my heart a secret from my adoptive parents. Between that and my last relationship being crazy toxic as we grew into different people, no wonder I'm burying everything to to keep my freedom. But then there's the whole I have a birthmother, who I feel I need to live up to thing..

She gave me my life, and in turn I should be able to share that love and kindness to the world. Even it means I could get hurt. Admittedly I still don't trust my friends with my whole heart. But maybe if I let myself feel things I just might meet someone who is more than a fantastic date, More than just a bro, And more than only sex. Maybe I've already met him, or maybe I will soon.. Someone to make me think, "You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter. You are the best thing that’s ever been mine." T-Swift.

Hopefully I can just let my feelings roam.. And fallow them.. on Twitter & Instagram both @KangSunLee1991. I could always fallow this blog, or leave comments on this blog, or email them I'm pretty slick at plugs right? *winks*


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