Friday, 26 October 2012

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Hello Readers! I know I'm really behind on blogs and updates, and to be honest I haven't been writing at all for weeks. Some days I'm in a complete fog lost in my own thoughts and other days I'm moving around a mile a minute. This weekend I plan on catching up on my blogs; I have really big psychological break throughs to share with you.

I'm writing this blog right now to share something incredible. As many of you know I'm a big fan of indie tunes and am an Uptown hipster, city girl, and indie kid. One of my favorite bands, a band that I grew up with is The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. A year or so ago they posted a number for them fans to call and talk to them. Well last night they did it again!

I called and left a message talking to them about my blog. I told them they didn't need to repost the link or anything, but to please check it out. I told them how much my blog and helping other adoptees meant to me. Then I hung up and called right back, and their inbox was already full! I kind of freaked out that my voice message might not have saved and started calling them like crazy.

I made one last call, and it rang!! One of them picked up and I just started rambling like a trackless idiot about being a South Korean adoptee, and my blog, and international adoption, and on and on until I went blank and stopped talking! They told me to send them a message with the link, that it was the best way for them to check it out. I tried to write a message to them that was written in my style, with all the info.. Now after sending it.. It's pretty choppy and ineloquently written, But the message is out there even if written a little wonky.

So here's to hoping they are able to get through all their Facebook messages to mine and are able to check out this blog! *Raises Camelbak Water Bottle *Clunk

After I got off the phone and the shock sharpened I got so emotional and excited I started crying uncontrollably! I am still very emotional that I'm shaking as I write this, But it's a happy shake! The kind that will lead me to dancing to "You Better Pray" right after I post this!

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Guys if you're reading this, Thank you again for talking my call. I know it's completely random as to whose call you do and don't take, But thank you for answering. Thank you for reading this. It truly means the world to me and my readers. I know I only have a couple followers and no one ever comments on here, but my inbox is flooded with over 100 emails every week. Every new person who reads this has a better understanding of what it means to be an international adoptee; A true look into a world they'd other wise hardly know existed. But we do exist, and it's such a privilege to be able to reach out to you guys, a group of people I'd normally never be able to make contact with. Thank you for taking the time out of your amazingly complex and busy schedule for this. You guys are so fantastically rad and rock spectacularly hard!

I am truly elated right now; I feel happy.

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