Friday, 14 October 2011

Sharing Is Caring.

Hello my sweet supportive readers. Most of you don’t know I’m not writing a “tell all” about my life, adoption, and birthsearch. My style of writing is inspired by Toby Hill-Meyer. He writes amazing works for sex and gender roles, And uses this idea of shocking scholarly writing. The book I am working on is based off of that; This blog is more about my open and honest journey. What you read here is more emotional, than educational. I feel the need to be so open to not only get my story out there, But also to encourage other adoptees to share their thoughts and feelings. That is what I’m all about, giving and helping adoptees have a stronger voice in the world. All of us standing up and telling the truths as insiders of international and interracial adoption. I encourage you to ask me any questions, Or share your story. If the comment box is uncomfortable to you please e-mail me directly @, Or Twitter me @ KangSunLee1991. I do have a personal Facebook, But I’m not currently using it to directly interact.

That being said I have been wondering lately how much is too much? Is there such a thing when it comes to this? What is the difference between a tell all and openness? I feel like the term “tell all” has negative ties, And I am in no way sharing to be spiteful, hurtful, or for the sake of being controversial. I believe being open with others is the best way to spread tolerance and acceptance. How can we tolerate and accept things we don’t know are out there, Or don’t understand? I just finished watching a lovely documentary that really had nothing to do with this, Other than how much they shared about their personal lives. One spoke of nothing personal, One only shared school related issues and one sort of fight with a girlfriend, And one was so bold as to share feelings about a girl and family. They all shared first and last names. The whole time I was thinking that’s an amazing amount to share, While also thinking I share so much more. I hand out a lot of personal information, as well as my private thoughts that I tell only a couple people in my daily life. It almost seems extreme to be so forthcoming emotionally, Even if I know it’s helping others.

I know there are still very intense personal things I have yet to share with you all, that are a huge part of my everyday life and directly stem from my adoption. It’s scary to share so much sometimes, And not knowing who is really reading this. Adults I’ve never met, 20 something’s cheering on a fellow, Or the teens I work with in summer. I am working the nerve to let the darkness of my book and my emotions in the blog overlap. I hope we can all handle it..

당신에 대해 말해 사람이있다면, 난 당신이 내게 이야기인지 자신에게 부하 궁금 궁금, 그리고 당신이 당신의 일상 생활에서 나에 대해 궁금해 얼마나 궁금해. 당신은 내 성자 내 인생을했습니다, 내가 살아 보관하십시오. 당신이 사랑하는 어머니.

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