Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Don't Learn How To Shut Up.

"You don't need a gun to kill somebody" ~Gideon of Criminal Minds

I heavy heartily believe that all you need to wreck a childhood and damage someone for life is words, Or even worse lack of words. Talking to your kids, parents, and friends about the things that hurt the most will help the most. We all know Minnesota is cold and defrosting takes time, But the flowers are long term and will outlast spring. It is so worth it to speak up.

Growing up I could never shut up, Even now my voice is loud and carries. Now i know how to use my voice, But when i was a kid even in high school i couldn't tell people my pain. I had no trust in my parents; I wasn't close to my sister or any family members. I couldn’t tell my best friends that I hurt so much because of them being white knew they could never fully understand my pain; It may have even offended them. Concealing my pain was a prime. I never told my teachers when a family member had died so there would be no class announcement when I missed school for the funeral. Once a girl asked me if I was crying behind my book, But I said I had a cold so I had the sniffles. As much as I hid my pain, Inside i was begging someone to notice, And to say something to me that wasn’t generic. When a classmate had a loss in the family I made sure to tell them I’ve been to so many funerals there’s a section for the clothe sin my closet and I that I was so sorry for their loss. There was other pain I saw, But I socially bit my lip. In 5th grade a boy finished typing his paragraph early in class, when it didn’t save everyone giggled while he cried. I wanted to say something, But I just sat there. I can’t be sure why it brought him to tears, But I wish I would have let him know he wasn’t the only one in pain.

If we all were so bold as to not shut up when someone is in pain, We’d be a better person and friend for it. Saying or asking something deeper than “Are you ok?” can mean so much. Not saying anything to someone in pain is just as crushing as the pain they’re going through.

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