Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bleached: White Skin Is THE BEST.

Hello Readers. Last night I got into a really heated "creative discussion" with one of my best friends. It boils down to him thinking that America doesn't press the white race on non-Caucasians, and surely not to the point of any psychological damage. He also had a concept that the term "cultural genocide" is bullshit, at best it's a form of imperialism. So there's that.

Now he's a fairly bright intellectual, but as a white male raised in America he's never experienced a lot of racism. He's also never experienced what it means to not be white in America. The only way a white person could understand the feeling is if they got thrown into Asia. Alas he's only been to Europe. On the subject of what race and culture really mean like most Caucasian-Americans he is ignorant. I love the kid, but I also think he is completely wrong in his thought process. I am super ticked about his constant and blatant comments that are really him saying my experiences of not being white are invalid. Now I know he did not intend his worlds that way, so I'd like to take this example and explain what the white race means to the rest of the world.

Caucasian-American culture is formed on power through race and forcing those ideals onto others.

I mean being white is so powerful that Americans created the most evil form of slavery in the history of the world, and it was all based on color. No other form of slavery was or is today. Every other country, major civilization, and even ants have slaves. Yeah I said ants; Look it up. None of them were based on color, you could not be born into slavery, and you did not spend your life as a slave. Essentially the rules as to who is a slave and for how long are like super harsh versions of prisoners of war and indentured servants. The same completely colored based power that Americans created when starting their version of slavery, is the same race-backed power that can be felt today by anyone who is not a Caucasian-American.

Now I also hear a lot of people say that this is all 'naturally occurring cultural imperialism". Cultural imperialism is like forcing a nation to industrialize, or a new king changing his lands' religion, or the US forcing Japan to open and make trade. Telling the world they can inly better themselves by looking white is much different.

In America's traditional values, ideals on beauty, and just to be worth anything you MUST be white in order to be THE BEST. That kind of power is in our media, our advertisements, there's skin bleaching products all over the world. The need to be white and thin on American TV has directly caused the start of eating disorders in Fiji. To not be white on our planet, it's psychologically damaging. High school girls in Asia commonly get surgery to cut their eyes wider and rounder.

America is an A+B+C= A culture, not a melting pot of D. Basically if you're not white you better find a way to be white. If you are a Caucasian-American you don't feel the pressure to be white, don't see white as the world's most culturally powerful resource, or how it being a resource is so psychologically deviating for others. That's what Caucasian-Americans will never understand the effects of. They'll never be on the receiving end of white culture and feel its effects. And I am so glad they won't ever fully understand it, no one should have to go through this.

Now Caucasian-Americans do face a portion of racism, stereotyping, and a limited amount of discrimination. They can go to other countries and be called "American Idiots", but people will still think their skin is The Best and in some countries like India they will beg for your picture like you're a movie star just because your blue eyed and have blonde hair. That is so sickening.. being treated like a movie star just because of your skin color.

To not be white growing up in America, is like a different kind of depression. My depression feels like I'm quietly drowning, in the compleat silence of a still lake, the water above me is like glass, and the surrounding water is dark hallow, and I am frozen as I sink.

But not be Caucasian here is like.. Walking in the thickest bleached fog, in a constant heavy snow that's falling like ash. It burns to breath the cold air that doesn't accept your foreign lungs. Trying to shuffle your boots through the blanket of knee deep snow, dredging forward, trying desperate to adapt to the cold frozen white, feeling all the warmth inside drying, like a small fire burning out. That's what America holds over my head everyday since I was a little girl.

America created the most Evil form of slavery in the history of our world, and the only race based form of slavery known to date.. That's how white got "invented" and defined as power; that's what it still means today.

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