Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Hello Readers. There was a few months where I didn't post much saying my personal life was really over shadowing my whole life. Now those things are coming to a close and I can find focus for myself. To be blunt and honest I am no longer speaking with my sister, and I am no longer with my best friend of 5 years. It's been really hard to say goodbye, but when someone hurts you enough you have to grow up. I believe in sink or swim, And I finally have the guts to push myself off the ledge and believe I can swim.

Now I have something amazing to share with you all... This summer in June I AM GOING HOME!! I am 21 and I am finally going home! I don't have the details or books my flight yet, but I have a meeting this week to work that all out. I am going home and I am so happy and so scared. Both make it so I can't breath.

I am scared because I am going by myself, and I can't see myself trying to fly back to the states with no one pushing me telling me I have to get on the plane and stay on it, no one telling me I need to sit there as they seal the door. I am afraid of the feeling of being adopted and sent away from my home again, but this time I am an adult. I know I am being taken away from where I belong, everything that I love, and I am able to stop it form happening again.

Other than that fear, I am soooo incredibly happy to go home! To finally experience home! Omg home! How fantastical and amazing is that! This is beyond my wildest dreams, and they are coming true for me. I thought searching and going home was just a dream and the hopes of a little girl.. But last October my search officially started in Korea, And this June is am going home.

Thank you. Thank you so much for reading these posts, thanks you for emailing me your questions and support. Thank you for finding me on Twitter and Facebook and becoming my friends. Thank you so much for help making this real for me. Thank you guys for everything you have given me.

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