Friday, 27 April 2012

North Korea

Hello Readers. I have been intensely researching all sorts of things on adoptees and Korean culture for the past few years. I have watched many films and interviews, and have read many articles and books on North Korea as well. Sometimes I make stupid jokes that maybe I'm really North Korean.. But it never struck me until now watching Anthony Bordan's No Reservations that while most if not all of my birth family may not know I exist and have been separated from them. They could know of family that they have been separated from, They could have family still trapped in North Korea.

It has always hurt me to know of what North Korea really is; What their daily life is and how brainwashed they are. I have seen and heard things most Americans never will and cold never even imagine..

I know I have family I've been separated from my whole life in South Korea. It only hit me a few months ago that my foster family is like my second family for raising me when I had to be given up by my birth mother. I am again realizing other losses I have to grieve. I could have family trapped in North Korea, I could have family that has been brainwashed for generations believing their leader is good, and grace, and God. My heart has always aches for my brothers and sisters trapped in the North, but I never thought of family members encased in their leader's tomb.

The Lee family could all be living with an incredible loss and crushing pain of never knowing of their loved ones trapped in the North. I can only hope that by gaining the daughter, granddaughter, niece, aunt they never knew they were missing will help fill the that loss.. Help fill their hearts with something more than loss.

I do have something new to fear in this birth search, and my heart aches from this shock.

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