Saturday, 10 March 2012

Find Splendor In The Odd Places

Hello Readers. Sorry my catching up as also been pretty delayed. A lot of crazy things have been happening in my personal life unrelated to adoption. I've been spending my regular writing time dealing with those things vs figuring out blogs that work. I am just posting today that after many weeks of craziness I feel like I am finally getting a break.

Today's weather was extra extraordinary that any forecast could have painted for us. There is nothing like car rides with the windows down, in the whimsey of the warm sun, as it makes all colored outside sparkle. There is nothing like a simple picnic with really good bread and goat cheese with strawberries preserves. To top off this wonder I am currently at The Tea Garden in Uptown. Who know they were open till 1 with a Kick ass DJ on Saturdays? I am here all the time till close and never knew that saturdays night were so great! I much advise those who can to come out and join me, or to try it themselves with a friend or two sometime.

This is just the most delightful surprise for me! It's been rough and confusing lately, but it's the small surprises that we find true splendor in that lets us know this can get better.

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