Wednesday, 29 February 2012

White Is The Only Beauty Left Now.

Hello Readers. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. What can I say I've been slacking in a lot of areas lately. I do have a lot to say though..

For starters Whitney Houston passed away. I'm going to be honest I cried for like a half hour. I grew up in the 90s and Whiney was beautiful and talented. I used to and even now as a young adult belt out her songs when no on is around. She sang of a love and warmth that I had never felt. Even as a kid I always used to close my eyes listening to her wondering what that kind of really deep love was like and if I'd eve feel that warm from my family.

Now this is not some long post about how she fell as an idol, and drugs, and saying mean things, nor am I writing this to defend her.. Although we should be a bit nicer considering someone has passed away. This post is about how her a black woman affected my life as an Asian woman and let me know that you don't have to be white to be beautiful.

When I was a little little girl I first heard Selena on the radio. I fell in love with her music and when ever it was on I would sing. She was the first non-white woman I had ever seen in the spot light. She showed me you could be colored and accepted by Americans. No one had ever told me that before. One day when I was only 5 her voice came on the radio. I told my adoptive mom that I wanted to see her perform on day. Both my parents looked at each other and laughed. My adoptive mom told me that she had been killed last week, are that no one said anything. I was just a kid, but to me Selena was important. She was someone I could look up to and say she isn't white, but she is loved by Americans. When we got home I cried, I had lost the only person who could understand me and my parents just laughed.

For me Whitney was the next big star that I felt was sending me the same message as Selena did when I was a little girl. Now she is just gone and all I hear form my adoptive mom is drugs, drugs, drugs, bad woman, drugs. It breaks my heart that I can't make her understand that I'm not affect by their deaths because I think I know them, but because they were the only people I had growing up telling me white wasn't the only kind of beauty.

Now I don't see those idols anymore; Only white is beautiful now.

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