Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Word From My Cat.

Hello Readers. It's been just over a month, and so much has changed. Let's get to it.

First off, my adoptive (KAD) sister visited. That sucked. Her white husband and mixed baby came too. They didn't speak to me and I didn't speak to them, but from what I did hear around the house they have no clue their kid is half Asian. It makes me really sad to see interracial parents treat their children as if the white parental pushed out a white child on their own. I know have many adoptees that are popping out first babies and second babies, and I am so happy to see their kids eating Korean food! Or in the infants' case smelling kimchi mmm ^_^ Some of them even have Korean names! It's so great to see adoptees reclaiming their Korean culture and teaching their kids from birth.

With that shit out of the way here's was second: Korean Culture Camp. This summer the white Adoptive parents of the teen helpers didn't talk to me much. Which is fine because I have zero respect for their appropriation of my culture, and they show zero respect for me as an adult adoptee or as a brown person. The Korean teacher from 2 years ago that gave one of my kids a mental/emotional breakdown was still there. She yet again made kids uncomfortable, and was extremely unfair pinning the campers against each other. I will be applying to be a teacher next year. If they don't fire that bad teacher and finally hire me, I will quite KCC. There's plenty of other adoptee camps that want my level of experience.

What's next? DATING!! The last couple of months I've really been dating for romantic emotions vs penis feelings. Meaning No Romping On A First Date! This means I actually get to know a fella; there's a chance for me to give a shit about him. Where's Double D? In his car, extra wasted, with a half naked-unconscious girl in the passenger seat. Where is my heart? Excited over all the new things its been trying. I'm into meeting organically lovely men. Who knows where my tummy butterflies lead will to.

Lastly, Birth searching.. Still nothing great to tell you. My American caseworker is still waiting on the hard copy of my original search. But while we wait she sent me a digital copy of the letter I wrote.. I'm amazed over how much of it I find to be stupid and unimportant. There's so many things I want to tell my birthmother now that run deeper. Updating the search and then letting it float for the rest of my life.. This is one of the last legs of the journey. The one after this is saying goodbye and fully accepting.. She's gone.

On a lighter note: If you didn't know, I have a tubby black cat named Pumpkin. He says, 


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