Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Wishes.

Hello Readers.

I wish I had white skin.
I wish I could read and speak my birth language.
I wish I had been raised in a home filled with love.
I wish my adoptive parents could look past my skin.
I wish we had worked out as an adoptive family.
I wish those jerks weren't leaving me on Christmas.
I wish my adoptive sister and I were talking.
I wish we had said goodbye when she left.

I wish I was home in Korea for the holidays.
I wish I could find my mother.
I wish she could find me.

Every year since my baby time it's been the same sad empty feelings. But this year is different. I've been home, I've tasted Korea, and I've felt her heart on the breeze. I've been tearing my life apart for almost 23 years, and there's still no her. Not being home is killing me.

What I wish for most of all.. To see a picture, hear her voice, and tell her I love her.


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