Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Trip Home!! :333


This morning I got the email from my case worker that the 5 week language and culture program through Eastern Child Welfare Society has finally open applications!!! I have one medical thing to check off, my essay proofed by a few friends, and by the end of next week... My application will be sent off!

It's so crazy too think that in 3 months and 2 weeks, I COULD be home in Korea! This is amazing guys! It feels like something is really finally happening, a real planned to go to home. Not like last summer where it was all planned, but the groups had just filled up/closed before I could get in. And this isn't like those groups, it's not a vacation for adoptive families. This is a really mental health and heart trip strictly for adoptees.

Now there is the question of work. I will have a new General Manager soon, so I'm speaking with my current GM tomorrow about getting the time off, or find out if I will need to put in my two weeks, and then reapply. I need to explain that this is not a fun vacation kind of trip. This is for my mental health, so I don't slit my wrists or drive my car into a wall.

Home guys.. I could be home in just under 4 months. I've already priced out the airfare through Korean Air because I'm gonna do it up in style baby! I've also priced out home much I want to budget for new clothes, a new camera, fun spending things there, and possibly taking a day trip while I'm there. This is all so real it's hard to believe. Now I'm not counting my chickens before the hatch. I'm painfully aware they could end up not picking me, but I'm very hopeful and being mindful towards the possibilities of the trip.

Once my essay is all proofed and sitting pretty I'll post it. Until then, wish me luck :333

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