Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Paparazzi Says It's True.

Hello Readers. I really hate all of these celebrities being treated like gods for buying babies from Africa. It sickens me that they exploit their adoptive children for good publicity.

Before the celebrities there were regular adoptive parents. People with money, but by no means famous. Before the cameras there were churches and communities praising them for "saving" their boughten adoptive children. Korean adoptees were like adopting the best dog breed. We were sold as quiet and sweet, submissive and well mannered.. American adoption agencies literally called us, "the other white meat".

We were the only non-Caucasians in town. Dealing with gawks and stares for being this exotic child growing up, while my adoptive mom was praised and asked about her find.. Being told how lucky I was to be "saved", always being reminded of the privilege I had received through adoption, constantly holding in my grief.. As a child I knew what I had lost; I begged, screamed, and cried myself to sleep for my birthmother. Since I was a child I was forced to privately mourn the loss of my family and culture.

Even today people still have their opinions on how good adoption is. At school, at work, my closest friends.. all total strangers has to how I grew up. Everyone constantly saying my adoptive parents are great and love me. These strangers do not know how adoption works! Buying a child does not mean you saved them. You couldn't have your own and you were forced to buy to have a family. No child will replace not having biological children.

If I am so lucky, if I am so loved, if adoption is all the good the paparazzi say it is.. Then why do we cry for our birth parents? Why do we go back to our motherlands? Why do we search for our birth families? WHY DO WE HAVE THE HIGHEST SUCIDE RATES IN THE WORLD!! WHY ARE THERE FARMS OF ADOPTEES WHOSE ADOPTIVE PARENTS COULDN'T MAKE IT A FOREVER HOME!! WE ARE NOT DOGS!! YOU CANNOT RETURN TO SENDER ANYMORE!! WE ARE NOT YOUR CAT YOU CANNOT RENAME US!!

We stand together and mourn a loss of culture you stole from. We are child soldiers in the battle of race and ethnicity. We live in fear that our families don't know we exist, and in terror that our families are dead. We are generations of babies taken from homes, exploited from our culture by white culture. Our dying wish is to know who we are, and be happy with it.

We are the lost children of Korea.

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