Saturday, 17 June 2017

I Have A Weird Last Name.

Hello Readers. I'm still really on my names and their many meetings. On Facebook today a man with a Chinese last name commented to me. He felt the need to inform me that I had a weird last name. Here was my response:

"[@]Daniel Hwang Hey racist. I'm a Korean adoptee. My white adoptive parents didn't even belive in grounding, meaning all my Asian raised friends' parents took it upon themselves to literally knock sense into me for anything below As plus extra credit.

While my adoptive parents didn't ground me, they did allow me to be sexually abused. I was a rape doll for white men, for 15 years. I'm only 26 now.

I literally went to university at Hallyum in Korea. I ferment my own kimchi. I was born biologically Korean and have socially/culturally earned the right to call myself such. I am Lee, KangSun. Pass it around I have been searching for my birth family for 7 years.

But thanks you for trying to degrade my racial and cultural identity."

My adoptive parents didn't believe in grounding. They had groundings as kids and understand that making a kid bored for however long doesn't teach them anything. However a few of my best friends had Asian parents and yes I've been smacked for not getting good grades. Which for me was all the time because I was so bored with classes I hardly handed in homework and passed by doing well on tests, except math. I totally failed math. 

While my adoptive parents didn't directly "allow" my sexual abuse growing up, I don't have an hour to explain how it started and why I felt that I could never go to them about it. At the same time they took my odd and poor behavior as me just being a bad kid vs there is something wrong. For the millionth time, I don't blame them for not knowing or what adoptive agencies specifically do not educate on.

I hate that I have tell this whole big story every time I talk!!


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